MainSuper Enterprises Co., LTD.
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- USB 3.0 Connectors
- Micro USB Connectors
- Mini USB Connectors
- USB Connectors
- HDMI Connectors
- DVI Connectors
- SCSI Connectors
- Serial ATA Connectors
- SD Card Connectors


Mainsuper is an expert manufacturer of connectors, We have had experience in this field for over 20years.Under strict quality control,newest technologics, with automatic Assembly machine's facilities,we offer the best products and service to our customers.

Taipei Office

China Factory (I)

China Factory (II)

Established :
Capital :
Employee :
Operate Area :

1984 Mar.
1,640 sq.

Established :
Employee :
Operate Area :

1997 Dec.
8,820 sq.

Established :.
Employee :
Operate Area :

2004 JAN
10,250 sq.

Operating Opinion
To create a win-win fruitful result for both side with client via our quality, service, responsibility and speedy performance!
SMT Solder
Main Production Equipment
Automatic Assembly
Machine Plastic Injection
High Speed Stamping Machine
Main QC Equipment
Network Analyzer
Time Domain Reflectometer/Transmission
Micro-Ohm Tester
Insulation Resistance Tester
Withstanding Voltage Tester
Force Tester
Toolmakers Microscope
Durability Force Tester
2.5Dimensional Image Measuring system
Solderability Tester
Cable Tester
High Gauge
Torsional Gauge
Salt Spray Tester
High Temperature Tester
Coating Thickness Measurement
Power Tester
Humidisat Tester
Thermal Shock Tester
Stream Aging Tester
ICP/AES Sysytem
Hot Air Reflow Test